Sound of reality




Our statement for the acoustical difficulties.



Metrik loudspeakers are very directive.

Bass is cardioidic up to 150 hertzes and above that Metrik

works with bipolar radiation.




Technical information



Frequency range: 30 - 25 000 hertzes


Dimensions: 500 mm (width) x 560 mm (depth) x 1290 mm (hight)


Weight: 70 kg


Impedance: 4 ohms nominal (2,5 ohms minimum @ 75 Hz)


Sensitivity: 84 dB/W/m









Pictures of Metrik in a livingroom.


Metrik has been designed

and manufactured in Finland.



The best parts for this assembly

has been gathered around the world.




Jussi Hoffrén

+358 400 217 009

Joensuu, Finland













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