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Floorstanding loudspeaker for You to build by well designed instructions in English.









  • Four 5,25 inch bass-midranges in closed enclosure
  • Frequency responce starting in normal room from 50 Hz
  • 5.2.5 -way crossovers
  • Two of the tweeters also lowpassed
  • Controlled direction pattern
  • All parts are Dayton Audio products
  • Tecnical drawing of the front of the speaker and drivers assembly






For international sales we offer only the instructions for You to build this loudspeaker. The parts are easy to achieve world wide and the enclosure can be build in Your garage or You can have it made by carpenter. Instructions comes as PDF-document to be printed.



Here is the marketing version of the instructions.


Here is a place for conversation in English.




Price: 65 €


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