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Imperial 2.0


Imperial is a standspeaker with cardioidic radiation pattern.

There is also a substand for it, when the whole combination becomes an active standing speaker with the benefits of miniDSP.


A gallery of Imperial standspeaker can be found from the link of the picture above. Note, the version one is on these images.


The Imperial substand has a 2-channel amplifier and DSP, which is a great benefit in difficult room acoustics. The standspeaker can be activated by the substand or be connected to Your integrated amplifier and the substands can be used as a normal stereo subwoofers from the preouts of Your amplifier. It is also possible to connect digital signal to the miniDSP plate amp.








2.5-way design

Cardioidic radiation pattern

New 6,5" midrange and two 6,5" midranges in the back of the speaker

New tweeter

Nominal impedance 6 ohms

Frequency range 65 Hz to 20 000 Hz

Sensitivity 87 dB/W/m

400 mm (width) x 270 mm (depth) x 340 mm (hight)






Bipolar radiation pattern

Two 10" drivers

Frequency range 25 Hz to 65 Hz (3rd degree lowpass at 45 Hz)

Amplifier power 2 x 140 Watts

Inputs with RCA- or XLR-connectors (also digital with AES/EBU) (miniDSP PWR-ICE125)

Output to standspeaker with binding posts

Control trough RJ45-cable (PC and MAC)

400 mm (width) x 270 mm (depth) x 730 mm (hight without spikes)



For our international customers we will offer the Imperial 2.0 loudspeakers as DIY instructions. This project can be followed up on miniDSP forum.




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